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HISTORY & VISION In 1975, was founded as an export company of table grapes worldwide, FRUTERA INTERNACIONAL S.A. Some years later, in 1998, MAYORAZGO EXPORT S.L. a subsidiary company was created to unify all sales department and to give a better and more direct service to our customers.  Since then, the original aim remains the same. We perfectly know that the only possible way to work during years with our original customers is to provide them with the BEST QUALITY and the BEST SERVICE. Now, we are one of the most trusted suppliers of quality produce in Spain as well.  We are located in Almería province, in the southeast corner of Spain. Almería is the most important growing area of winter vegetables in Europe. We have arrangements with many growers in others producing areas of Spain.  After four decades of close and direct relationships with many customers, our fruits and vegetables can be found in Europe, North America and Middle East.  PREMIUM PRODUCE All our products are inspected by trained professionals for grade, quality and freshness. They take good care that the product is been properly pre-cooled and the quality, grading, selection and temperature are totally in accordance with our customer specifications. Our customers know they will receive the produce they are looking for in the time they expect.  To guarantee the highest product quality, we only work with the best and most reliable growers of our area who meet the most demanded quality standards and certifications of food safety. Our inspectors check carefully the plantations and packaging to meet the specifications of our customers.  "LOS MANOLOS" LABEL Our products are packed under "LOS MANOLOS" label since 1975, a well-known brand that has achieved an impeccable reputation for top quality products throughout the years.  When packing the goods, our quality control department make sure that only the best fruits and vegetables are packed in our boxes. They check almost every box doing a very severe selection. That's the only way to avoid quality problems, doing a strict selection when packing our goods.  LOGISTICS We can provide our premium produce as fresh as the time that was harvest. Only having an experience of more than 35 years in shipments by sea-container and 25 years flying goods by air, can decide which is the best transport alternative to deliver our goods. Once we receive the order from our customer, our logistics department makes sure to identify the quickest way to deliver our premium goods.  As soon as product is packed and pre-cooled, temperature and humidity are controlled till the goods arrive in destination. To guarantee freshness, lorries, terminals at the airports and sea-containers are able to meet specific produce requirements of temperature and humidity.  We have agreements with hauliers and airlines that guarantee a continuous weekly business with our clients. Mayorazgo can deliver all over the world…
GROWING NATURALOur fruits and vegetables are grown under integrated crop with the application of natural methods. All our produce is picked, packed and shipped under the strictest food safety guides. Using this, we make sure our product is always safe for consumption.If we have the possibility, we use natural crop production methods and minimize the use of chemical products, always in accordance with the most strict rules of growing and hygiene in Europe. LABORATORY ANALYSIS Our products are analyzed several times during the season to ensure produce is totally safe for human consumption. Before we start we do a complete pesticide analysis to every item we offer. Soil and water used to grow our goods are also analyzed. Our clients are provided with whatever information they request about, pesticide analysis, soil, water, etc.  CERTIFICATIONSWe have GLOBALG.A.P. and ORGANIC certifications.  TRACEABILITYMayorazgo Export traceability program enables us to trace all products back to the producing area, grower and time of harvesting. This information permit us to trace produce from the growing point to the selling point.  EndFragment
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LEGAL NOTICE The website (hereinafter referred to as: the “Website”) is the property of Mayorazgo Export S.L. (hereinafter referred to as: the “COMPANY”), with registered office in: Avda. De la Estación, Nº10, 5º3 – 04005 Almería and Spanish Fiscal ID no. B04310587. It is registered in the Registry of Companies of Almería [Spain], Volume 394, Sheet 47, S 8, Page AL-11580 and Entry: 1st.  The COMPANY welcomes and invites you to read attentively the General Conditions for the use of this Website (hereinafter referred to as: “General Conditions for Use”). These describe the terms and conditions applicable to browsing this site, in agreement with the provisions of the Spanish legislation governing this field. Since the COMPANY could modify these Conditions for Use in the future, we recommend you to check them regularly so as to be properly informed of any changes.   With a view to offer a Website that is transparent, clear and simple, the COMPANY informs the User that any suggestion, doubt or query about the General Conditions for Use will be dealt with and solved by contacting the COMPANY on the following e-mail address: 1. Purpose The COMPANY provides with the content and services that are available on the Website, in compliance with the present General Conditions for Use, as well as the policy on the treatment of personal data (hereinafter referred to as: “Data Protection Policy”). Anybody who accesses this Website becomes a “User”; a fact which implies, in turn, his/her full acceptance of each and everyone of the present General Conditions for Use. The COMPANY reserves its right to change these Conditions at any time. Thus, it is the responsibility of the User to read attentively the General Conditions for Use every time he/she accesses the site, and in case he/she does not agree with any of the points hereby set, we strongly advise him/ her not to use the present Website.   Moreover, you are warned that, sometimes, specific conditions for the use of certain contents and/or services of the Website may be set. The use of these contents or services will imply the acceptance of these specific conditions.   2. Services Through the Website, the COMPANY offers the Users the possibility of accessing: its company information, contact details, products and services, rates, commercial promotions, location, a contact section for sending us queries by introducing your personal data, plus links to social networks (hereinafter referred to as: the “Services”). 3. Data Treatment and PrivacyWhen it is necessary to provide personal data in order to access certain contents or services, the Users will have to guarantee that they are true, accurate, authentic and updated to the best of their knowledge. The COMPANY will deal with these data automatically and its treatment will depend on their kind or purpose, in the terms specified in the section: Data Protection Policy [LINK].   4. Industrial and Intelectual PropertyThe User acknowledges and accepts that all content shown on this Website, and especially the designs, texts, images, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, trademarks or any other signs which could be used industrially and/or commercially are subject to copyright laws. Also, all trademarks, commercial names and distinctive signs, all industrial and intellectual property rights on contents and/or whatever other elements included in this page, that are property of the COMPANY and/or third parties, are subject to an exclusive right of use for economic purposes. Due to all this, the User commits him/herself not to reproduce, copy, distribute, show or use publicly, transform or modify such contents. The COMPANY will not be held responsible from any complaint arising from an unauthorised use of the contents, as specified above. The access to the Website will not imply, in any case, any type of rejection, transfer, licensing or full or partial assignation of the said rights, unless otherwise specified. The present General Conditions of Use do not bestow upon the Users any other right of use, modification, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public showing of the Website and/or its contents other than those hereby specified. Any other use or exploitation of rights require prior and express permission to be given for such purpose by the COMPANY or by the third-party owner of the rights in question.   The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, software, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation existing in this site, as well as the site in itself, as a multimedia artistic creation, are protected as copyright by intellectual property laws. The COMPANY is the owner of the graphic design elements of the Website, menus, browsing buttons, HTML codes, texts, images, textures, graphics and any other content present in the Website, or otherwise has the necessary authorisation to use them. The content displayed in the Website may not be reproduced in whole or in part, or transmitted or recorded by any information retrieval system in any form or by any means, unless upon previous written authorisation by the said Body. Moreover, it is forbidden to suppress, evade and/or manipulate the “copyright”, as well as the protection technical devices, or any other type of information devices that the contents may include. The User of this Website is committed to respect the said rights as well as to avoid any course of action which may damage them. In any case, the COMPANY reserves its rights to use as many legal actions or means as necessary for the defence of their industrial and intellectual legitimate rights. 5. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Website UserThe User will have to:   Make an adequate and lawful use of the Website and of its contents and services, in accordance with: (i) the legislation in force at that moment; (ii) the General Conditions for Use of the Website; (iii) the generally accepted moral standards and good practice and (iv) public order. Have all media and technical requirements necessary to access the Website. Always provide truthful information when introducing personal data when completing the forms included in the Website, as well as update them regularly so that they reflect the real situation of the User. Only the User will be considered responsible if false or inaccurate information is given, and the harm this may result in, to the COMPANY or to third parties, will also be his/her responsibility.    In spite of what is established above, the User should also refrain from:   a) Make an unauthorised or dishonest use of the Website and/or of its contents for illicit purposes or effects, those which are forbidden by the present General Conditions for Use, harmful to the rights or interests of third parties, or that somehow could harm, block, overcharge, damage or avoid the normal use of the services, documents, files and all other content stored in any computer hardware.  b) Access or try to access restricted resources or areas of the Website, without meeting the requirements for doing so. c) Damage the physical or logical systems of the Website, of their providers or of third parties. d) Introduce or disseminate in the network computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems capable of damaging the physical or logical systems of the COMPANY, of their providers or of third parties. e) Try to access, use and/ or manipulate data belonging to the COMPANY, third-party providers and other Users.   f) Reproduce or copy, distribute or allow access to the public by any means of public communication, transform or modify the contents, unless having an authorisation by the holder of the corresponding rights or being otherwise legally allowed to do so. g) Suppress, hide or manipulate the notes on industrial and intellectual property rights and all other identification data related to the rights of the COMPANY or third-parties included in the contents, as well as the protection electronic devices or any other that could be inserted into the contents. h) Obtain and try to obtain the contents using for this means or procedures different from those that, depending on the case: are offered for this purpose, or are clearly indicated in the web-pages where the contents appear, or in general, those usually used in the Internet entailing no risk for the Website and/or its contents. i) In particular, and just to have an idea, the User will be committed not to transfer, disseminate, or give to third-parties information, data, contents, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/ or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any type of material that: (i) Is in any way contrary to, underestimating or against the fundamental rights and public liberties constitutionally recognised, both in International Treaties and by other legislation in force. (ii) Inducing, inciting or promoting criminal, derogatory, degrading or violent acts, or in general, which are illegal, immoral, or contrary to good practices generally accepted or to public order. (iii) Inducing, inciting or promoting discriminatory acts, attitudes or thoughts based on gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or other condition. (iv) Including or allowing the access to products, elements, messages and/or services which are criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading or, in general, which are illegal, immoral, or contrary to good practices generally accepted or to public order. (v) Inducing or which may induce to an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear. (vi) Inducing or which may induce to participate in dangerous, risky or harmful practices for health and mental balance. (vii) That is protected by industrial and intellectual property laws belonging to the COMPANY or to third parties without being authorised for that intended use. (viii) That is contrary to honour, personal and family privacy or to the self-image of people. (ix) That may be considered promotional in any sense. (x)  That may include any type of virus or programme avoiding the normal functioning of the Website. If you are given a password for accessing some services and/or contents in the Website, you will have to use it wisely and always keep it secret. As a result, you will be responsible for keeping it safe and confidential, for not giving it to third parties, neither temporarily nor permanently, and for not allowing access to the said services and/ or contents by other people. Also, you will have to notify the COMPANY should there be a wrongful use of your password, such as, for instance, that arising from its theft, lost or a non-authorised access, so that it is immediately cancelled. This means that, if you do not notify us about this problem, the COMPANY will be exempt from any responsibility that may arise from a wrongful use of your password; in other words, any illicit use of the contents and/or services of the Website by third unauthorised parties will be your sole responsibility. If by gross negligence or even intent, any of the obligations established in this General Conditions for Use is not met, the User will be responsible for all damages that may arise for the COMPANY due to his/ her non-compliance. 6. ResponsibilitiesThe COMPANY does not guarantee the continuous access, correct viewing, download and utility of the elements and information included in its Website pages. These may be blocked, interrupted or experience difficulties due to aspects beyond its control.   The COMPANY is not responsible for the decisions that may be taken as a result of accessing the offered contents or information. The COMPANY could interrupt its service or cancel immediately its relation to the User if finding out that a given use of the Website or any other service offered by it is contrary to the present General Conditions for Use. The COMPANY is not responsible for any harm, damage, lost, complaints or expenses arising from the use of the Website. It will only be responsible of suppressing, as soon as possible, any contents that may cause this type of damage, if so notified. Especially, it will not be responsible for damages which may arise, among other, from: (i) Interference, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephonic breakdowns, delays, blockages or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic system, due to deficiencies, overloads or mistakes in the telecommunications lines and networks, or by any other cause beyond the control of the COMPANY. (ii) Illegitimate interference by means of using dangerous software of any type or by any other means of communication, such as a computer virus or other. (iii) Wrongful or inadequate abuse of the Website. (iv) Security or browsing mistakes caused by malfunctions in the browser or by using a non-updated version of it. Also, the COMPANY administrators reserve the right to remove, in whole or in part, any content or information present in the Website. The COMPANY is exempt from any responsibility related to damages of any kind that could arise from the misuse of the freely available services and their use by the Users of the Website. Moreover, the COMPANY is exempt from any responsibility related to the content and information that could be received through the data collection forms, whose only purpose is to provide consultation and queries services. On the other hand, in the case of damage arising from an illicit or inadequate use of these services, the COMPANY could claim compensation from the User in relation to the caused damage.   You will defend, compensate and keep the COMPANY unharmed from any damages and losses which may arise from complaints, actions or lawsuits from third parties as a result of their access to the Website. Moreover, you will have to compensate the COMPANY for any damage arising from your use of “robots”, “spiders”, “crawlers” or similar tools used for collecting or extracting data, or any other action on your part that imposes an unreasonable load on the functioning of the Website. 7. Hyperlinks The User is not authorised to reproduce in any way, not even through a hyperlink, the COMPANY’s Website, or any of its contents, unless upon explicit and written consent by the COMPANY. The COMPANY’s Website includes links to other webs managed by third parties, with a view to facilitate the User’s access to information related to collaborating and/or sponsoring companies. In accordance with that, the COMPANY is not held responsible for the contents of those webs, and is neither offering nor guaranteeing the services and/or information that could be offered by the third parties’ links to third parties.   The User has the right; limited, non-exclusive and which may be withdrawn; to create links to the main webpage of the Website, but only for a private and non-commercial use. The websites including a link to our Website: (i) may not make believe that the COMPANY recommends that website or its services or products; (ii) may not to falsify its relation to the COMPANY, or to declare that the COMPANY has authorised that link, or to include trademarks, brands, commercial names, logos or other signs identifying the COMPANY; (iii) may not include contents that may be considered inappropriate, obscene, offensive, controversial, or inciting violence or discrimination based on gender, race, religion, or contrary to public order or laws; (iv) may not make a link to another webpage different than the main page of the Website; (v) should link with the actual address of the Website, but not allowing the website that contains the link to reproduce the Website as part of its own website, or within a frame or creating a browser on any of the Website’s web-pages. The COMPANY will be able to ask to remove, at anytime, any link to the Website, after which this should be removed immediately. The COMPANY cannot control the information, contents, products or services provided by other websites having links to the Website.   As a result, the COMPANY does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the said websites.   8. Data ProtectionIn order to use certain services, the Users should previously provide us with certain personal data. So as to deal with them, the COMPANY will treat these Personal Data automatically, in agreement with the provisions of Spanish Law 15/1999 (LO 15/1999), dated 13th of December, regarding Personal Data Protection; as well as in agreement with the act approving its development RD 1720/2007. For this purpose, the User can access: the Policy followed for personal data treatment, the previously established purposes and the conditions stipulated in the Data Protection Policy [LINK] of the Website.   9. CookiesThe COMPANY reserves its right to use cookie technology on the Website, with a view to recognise you as a frequent User and so be able to personalise your use of the Website by means of preselecting the language or the most popular content or other. The cookies used by the Website, or by third parties acting in its name, are only associated with an anonymous user and his/her computer, but do not provide us with the user personal data. Cookies are files sent to a browser by means of a Web server so as to register the User browsing on the Website, if the User allows its reception. Cookies could be in turn removed by users. In order to do so, please check the use instructions of your browser.   Thanks to cookies, it is possible for the COMPANY to recognise the computer browser of the User, with a view to provide him/her with contents or to offer browsing or advertising preferences, the demographic profiles of Users, the visits and parameters of web traffic, as well as to control the number and evolution of visits. 10. Duration and TerminationInitially, the provision of service by the present Website and the rest of services have an indefinite duration. However, the COMPANY will be able to cancel or suspend any of the services of the web portal. Whenever possible, the COMPANY will announce the termination or cancellation of its provision of a certain service. 11. Declarations and GuaranteesIn general, the contents and services offered by the Website are mainly informative. As a result, the fact that the COMPANY offers them is not subject to a guarantee nor a declaration as to the Website contents and services lawful, reliable, useful, truthful, exact or commercial character, for instance, unless such declarations and guarantees cannot be excluded by law. 12. Force majeureThe COMPANY will not be held responsible in any case if it is unable to provide a service because of: long-term suspensions of electric supply, telecommunication lines, social conflicts, strikes, rebellions, explosions, floodings, government acts and omissions, and in general all other force majeure cases or unexpected situations. 13. Resolution of controversies. Applicable law and jurisdiction.The present General Conditions for Use, as well as the use of the Website, are governed by Spanish legislation. Any controversy arising will be dealt with by the courts of Almería [Spain].  If a provision of the present General Conditions for Use is considered inapplicable or void in accordance with the legislation in force or as a result of a judicial or administrative judgement, such inapplicability or void will not affect the whole of the present General Conditions for Use. In such cases, the COMPANY will proceed to change or substitute the said provision for another one that is fully valid and applicable and that, as much as possible, attains the same objective and purpose as that of the original one.  EndFragment
Privacy Policy The website (hereinafter referred to as: the “Website”) is the property of Mayorazgo Export S.L. (hereinafter referred to as: the “COMPANY”), with registered office in: Avda. de la Estación Nº10, 5º3 - 04005 Almería and Spanish Fiscal ID no. B04310587. It is registered in the Registry of Companies of Almería [Spain], Volume 394, Sheet 47, S 8, Page AL-11580 and Entry: 1st.  The company guarantees the protection of all personal details that the User of the “Website” may give, in agreement with the provisions of Spanish Law 15/1999 (LO 15/1999), dated 13th of December regarding Personal Data Protection, as well as the act approving its development RD 1720/2007, dated 21st of December and other applicable legislation. You are informed that:  a) All personal data provided to the COMPANY will be dealt in agreement with the provisions of Spanish Law 15/1999 (LO 15/1999), dated 13th of December regarding Personal Data Protection, as well as the act approving its development RD 1720/2007, dated 21st of December. These data will be stored in the database WEBPAGE USERS, created and managed under the responsibility of the COMPANY, and which has been duly registered in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.  b) The data are collected with the following purposes: guaranteeing the adequate management of the required services and products; (i) managing, studying and solving queries; and (ii) advertising and marketing by electronic means on: the company, its activities, its products and services, as well as several other documentation tasks. c) When collecting and dealing with personal data, the right protection measures have been implemented so as to avoid the lost, unauthorised access or use of these, and in accordance with the provisions of Spanish act RD 1720/2007, dated 21st of December. d) The COMPANY is committed to protect the confidential information it may have access to. The COMPANY will not, in any case, use the personal data provided neither for providing services to third parties different than those stipulated in section (b) of the present document, nor for its own purposes. e) The User certifies that he/she is over 14 years old and so that he/she has the necessary legal capacity to give his/ her consent in relation to personal data treatment in accordance with the content of this Privacy Policy. f) The User can use his rights to access, modify, cancel or reject his/her personal details at any time, as well as revoke his/her consent for any of the previously mentioned purposes. In order to do so, please send the COMPANY a signed letter to the postal address indicated above, clearly indicating your contact details and including a photocopy of your ID or other document which may serve as proof of identity.  [if gte mso 9]> Normal.dotm 0 0 1 435 2481 MAR 20 4 3046 12.0 0 false 21 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false
POLICY OF MAYORAZGO EXPORT , S.L.  The management of MAYORAZGO EXPORT SL, formalizes its commitment to the quality of services provided by implementing an Integrated Quality Management System, in response to the customer demand, employees and society in general.   For this reason and on the basis of its commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of integrated management system pursues as its primary objectives:   • Ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements and those that the organization subscribes to the client.   • Meet the needs and expectations of its clients and users, and be aware of the level of client’s satisfaction via direct feedback.   • Secure resources to maintain facilities in good order and cleanliness to provide the service with maximum standard.   • Maintain good relationships with suppliers, meeting the requirements between the two.   • Keep all staff (including those who work for and on behalf of the Company) trained and informed about the Company policies, following up on work.   • Have qualified personnel for the development of each activity through necessary training. • Provide all necessary resources to maintain at all times and at all levels, a good company image. • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System.  In order to achieve all of the above mentioned; MAYORAZGO EXPORT SL policy will imply the following:   § Document, implement, maintain, adapt and be in constant communication to all members of the organization, in order to make them aware of their individual obligations.   § Policy review in light of quality objectives to ensure it is appropriate to the purpose of the organization.   § Set quality targets to allow the company to measure the degree of compliance and adequacy of the policy concepts.   § Review and analysis of goals and objectives set out in the framework of the policy, to ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system.   § Make all available for public awareness and consultation. EndFragment